As a child, style was essential to my Family. We weren't the wealthiest people in the world, but I was always taught to make a positive statement through my appearance. My Uncles were my earliest fashion influencers. They purchased my first subscription to GQ Magazine® when I was twelve years old. I would look up the addresses to my favorite fashion houses and be ecstatic when they would send me their lookbooks. Though I couldn't afford the pieces, I would do my best to emulate the designs.  

When I moved to Miami in the late '90s, I had the opportunity to manage one of the most popular designer stores in the city, Emporio. It was an experience I'll always remember as it allowed me to learn a great deal about the inner workings of the fashion industry and meet many of the individuals who were turning South Beach into the entertainment mecca it now is. The experience embedded the desire to one day own a clothing store. Though my career took me in a different direction, I never lost that desire. My corporate journey took me to many major cities where I met Beautiful People who exposed me to the good, the bad, and the challenging aspects of life. If nothing else, my travels emphasized none of us are islands, and if you can help those in need or be a conduit for change, you should. 

In 2006 House of Drew became the vehicle I decided to use to make a positive impact with apparel being our tool of choice in providing tangible assistance where needs exist. Our goal is to marry Fashion and Philanthropy through a concept we call Falanthropy. As our mission statement proclaims, we're focused on making a difference through our campaign called RAZING HELL!  

We hope to continue building alliances with organizations on the front lines of making differences and look forward to joining forces with as many as possible to help as many as possible. 

Your support tells the world you love to look good and you love to RAZE HELL!