3:19 AM, July 30th, still finding it hard to believe this new normal. I'm listening to Like and Quilted Pill, so all is not lost... (The latter is my Nephew so yes, the "Creativity " grows on the Family Tree.) You don't control when you're able to produce the fruits of your "genius," and dreams don't come true until you get woke enough to take the necessary steps to make them realities. Our Life experiences are the fertilizers that can help us grow beyond our highest expectations if we don't allow the inevitable weeds to choke our determination. I've learned that growth can come from the most unsuspecting places when you're open and humble enough to meet others where they are. This way of thinking has enabled me to "touch" many walks of life and has given me an interesting perspective on what's often overlooked and even unappreciated. It has also given me knowledge of where there are needs, and helped me to see even a "Fashion House" can make a difference.

Along with the House Art Collection, we'll also be debuting a line which will directly address Coronavirus relief and Social Equity efforts. We call the campaign "Lift Others Value Everyone," or the L.O.V.E. Movement.

This said, we have to do some "remodeling" to accommodate our growth and continue "Hell Razing." Thank you for your continued love and support.

Look forward to sharing what we've been cultivating on August 14th.